Reflection by Jonas Koch

publicerad 15 maj 2020

We live in very strange times. Lately, I have spent the majority of my time working from home. I have worked on assignments, conducting digital interviews,  using different digital tools. It has worked much better than I ever thought was possible and our clients are happy with the results. I – and the entire country – will for sure be more digital in the future!


I have also learnt that the need to have in-real-life meetings is perhaps even more valued right now. I am grateful that we have not closed the opportunity to have walk-and talk-meetings in Sweden (of course, in a safe way!).

The concept is quite simple.

I cycle to the office. Outside, me and one of my colleagues, Patrik Peter, meet with senior executives, either HR Directors or Managing Directors for a walk through the most beautiful parts of Stockholm. We walk in pairs, keeping the recommended safety distance,  for an hour (we change pairs halftime).  Total group size has been around 10 people. The need to have these informal walks-and-talks has never been greater and when we post new dates on LinkedIn, they immediately get booked.

I started this concept some three years ago with the intention to find a alternative way to build networks in a non-profit way, with some low-intense physical exercise built into the set-up. It has been great to see how this has progressed into different walk and talk groups today. We currently have a ”CEO walk”, a ”HR Walk” and a “Executive walk” (the last group aimed at people with a background from senior management positions looking for new opportunities). Last week we carried out three different walks, this week we will have two new walks!

When other countries around the world slowly start to open up again, I think this concept will be very interesting for other countries to try.

The feedback we are getting is very positive from all the fantastic people that have taken part in these walks. It has even created new companies and has given the participants some positive energy during hard times.

We need to start look forward – and I think that to have these walks-and-talks is a good start!


Read more about our walks here! 

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